The ezchute is an Operator Controlled Discharge Chute that allows the operator to go from discharging to mulching by lifting the handle.

The ezchute will save the user money by virtually eliminating cleanup effort and costs associated with removing grass clippings from beds, walks, driveways, pools, structures, etc.

The ezchute also works great for mowing around parking lots and on curbed islands. No need to temporarily bolt on a mulch plate or use a bagging system.
Flipping the ezchute down before passing by beds, walks, driveways, pools, homes and vehicles keeps the clippings out of these areas that would otherwise need cleaned out.
Mowing with the ezchute in the up position in open areas allows the grass to distribute evenly in the lawn. Grass clippings will not windrow. When the ezchute is in the open position, it lies back and out of the way of low-lying vegetation or overhanging objects.
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